Grief and Loss
Things to Do When Someone Dies

Acknowledge the Loss
You cannot change what has happened but there are things you can do, both formally and informally, during your grief. Here are some general ideas:

Formal Response

  • Send cards, flowers or donations to the family
  • Offer to help to survivors now and in the coming months
  • Attend scheduled services for friends and family

Informal Response

  • Talk about the loss with one another
  • Talk about the changes it has made at work
  • All the laughter, all the tears; both help heal.
  • Accept support and give support. It may be in the form of
    words, a look, and a pat on the back or just spending a few
    minutes together.
  • Share what has happened with your family. Most of the time,
    people do not know what you are going through unless you
    have told them.
  • Allow for differences in how those around you are grieving.
    Everyone will have his or her own style.
  • Avoid excessive amounts of alcohol. This will only numb the
    feeling, not take it away.
  • Be sure to keep eating right and getting appropriate amounts
    of rest.

Grief is a process that you cannot go around
The only way to feel better is to go through grief, not around it. Let the death make a difference in how you live from now on.


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