I work with individuals, couples and families on topics that are of concern to you. In other words, if it is bothering you, let's talk about it. This includes relationship issues, family of origin problems, midlife crisis, quarter-life crisis, depression, anxiety, addictions, co-dependency, or grief, to name a few examples.

You may be interested in marital and other relationship counseling. Some of the issues that couples present with include difficulty communicating, difficulty resolving conflict, sexual desire discrepancy, in-law concerns, money quarrels, boredom, affairs, and different beliefs about parenting. These are not the only issues that you may want to addresss, they are just examples of the many issues that can cause concern in a relationship..

If you are a parent, perhaps parenting issues, stepfamilies, divorce adjustment, and problems between adult children and their parents is where you would like to spend our time together. I work with parents alone and also with parents and the children together, no matter what age the child (including adult children).

I want you to know that I also work with gay couples and I am gay friendly. I am aware that sometimes this can be a sensitive area with unique problems and issues. Having someone with experience in working with gay individuals or couples - and no judgement - can be helpful in working through some of the problems that arise.

My Style As a Psychotherapist

You may wonder about my approach. I help you figure out what you perceive as the problem, and give you the skills to either resolve it, or if that isn’t possible to accept it or cope with it.

I often teach skills as part of counseling. For example, I teach people how to manage anger, anxiety, and depression. I teach couples how to communicate and fight fair. If needed, I sometimes teach simple parenting skills.

I never tell people what they should do. The closest that I would come to this would be if there is violence in your home, I would try to help you to figure out a safety plan. If you have any questions, you may email me confidentially.

The "Ask Joyce" Column

My column "Ask Joyce" is available to you for seeking answers to somewhat general questions with broad appeal. You may submit a question on any of the above or similar topics. Because your question, if selected, will be published and available for public viewing, please do not include any information that could identify you. While I cannot guarantee that your question will be selected for use, for those that I use, I will edit the question for clarity and brevity.

Responses to questions submitted to "Ask Joyce" will be done in a way that provides value to the person submitting the question as well as to people with the same or similar concern. Based on the question, responses may include resources or the advice to consult a professional.

If you submit a question using the "Ask Joyce" form, when you click the submit button, you are giving me your permission to use your question in any way, including publishing it on my website, including it in a book or article, or discussing it on the Internet, radio or other means of broadcast media. At all times, your identify will not be revealed.




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